Concept for Community Support, Inc.

Concept offer a foundation of supportive services to help individuals with developmental disabilities grow more independent and achieve fuller, more satisfying lives. Our staff are highly trained, compassionate and fully qualified to administer professional care. We give the gift ofindependence to our individuals with developmental disabilities under our program.At Concept, we engage individuals in new opportunities, we strive to help those we serve to become as independent as possible while fully supported by our staff. Our individuals are empowered to make their own choices and to find self worth through individualized jobs.Passionate,dedicated and supportive staff members respect every individual we serve to help them reach their fully potential.Concept is unique on different levels. Our services ranges from residential community living to supported living. Individuals have the option to live in their own homes with support provided by Concept or live in agency owned home.

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  • Nureni Adeshina

  • 20 Pleasant Ridge DR, Suite B
    Randallstown, Maryland 21117
    United States
  • Phone: 443-471-1336
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