Walla, Kevin

Hi there!  My name is Kevin Walla and I am happy to offer my services to you as a Support Broker.  I am uniquely qualified as I was one of the first folks certified as a Support Brokers when the program initially rolled out and I am excited to become active in this program again. My career has since transitioned to corporate management, but I have always been an advocate for those who are differently abled and have specialized experience as a former Program Coordinator for an agency that supports those with developmental and intellectual disabilities.  Since my career has transitioned to the private sector, I have been a leader of large-scale budgets, projects, and teams of people.  My approach is person centered, pragmatic, and efficient.  Please feel free to contact me at wallakevin@yahoo.com to discuss further partnership.   

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  • Kevin Walla

  • Westminster, Maryland 21157
    United States
  • Phone: 301-491-0276
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