Seec Corporation

SEEC provides an array of services to help people who have significant disabilities live, work and thrive in their communities. Active community engagement gives people opportunities to showcase their abilities, develop new interests and talents, contribute to the workforce, and broaden their social networks. Full inclusion also helps change long-held stereotypes of people with disabilities from being “needy” to “contributing” – from being different to having a lot in common with their non-disabled peers.SEEC’s services are driven by the unique desires of the men and women we support to: Live in a home of their choosing with whom they want to live, benefit from paid employment that is valued and meaningful, pursue their personal development through continuous learning, and Thrive in communities of family and friends.SEEC provides 24/7 services and its main office located in Silver Spring is open M-F 9-5.

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  • Abby Hoffman

    Abby Hoffman

  • 8905 Fairview Road
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    United States
  • Phone: 301-576-9000
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