Steis, Dawn

I bring over 27 years of expierence working with DD/ID persons. I have worked in all facets of the DDA provider fields, from residential services to waiver coordination services. I have a broad and strong understanding to the service models provided through DDA. I have extensive knowledge of Social Security and state benefits programs which gives me an edge in helping to bring all programming and funding sources together in an understandable way. I have been in a Support Broker role for about 12 years now and look forward to talking with anyone that may have questions, even if we end up not working with each other I will always take the time to talk with anyone concerning next steps and best practices. I currently work In the Northern, Central, and Southern regions. I am not currently taking on any persons from Eastern region.

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  • Dawn Steis

  • Maryland
    United States
  • Phone: 240-507-9411
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