Jubilee Association of Maryland

Translation Services are available. Jubilee's work is based on the dignity and worth of all people and their right to pursue happiness as full, respected members of our society. Jubilee is a faith-based organization. We welcome all races, religions and gender identities. We do not tolerate discrimination. We actively practice anti-racism and are working to grow our diversity.Jubilee has been an industry pioneer since its founding in 1978 by the Hyattsville Mennonite Church. From the beginning, Jubilee focused on inclusion. The aim was to move people out of institutions and into homes where they could be a part of the community. Innovation in housing has been a Jubilee hallmark since opening our first group home as an alternative to state-run institutions. In 2007 Jubilee stopped purchasing group homes to prioritize supporting people where they want to live. In fact, Jubilee was one of the first agencies in Maryland to support adults with disabilities in their own homes.